How Blockchain is Changing the Face of Blogging

Once upon a time, in the murky days of the late 1990s and early 2000s, the only way to have your thoughts heard online was to create a weblog or a blog for short . You could exchange blog URLs with your friends and keep up with their exploits by reading their blogs regularly. But that was the extent of social media, aside from chat rooms and message boards.

We’ve come a long way since then, and social media itself has begun developing a new face. Blogging, too, is changing. Leading the charge in our time is blockchain-based social media, a new concept that the creators of Steemit and Synereo have implemented. 

You might have heard of blockchain, but if not, here’s a short description. Blockchain is an open ledger or database that keeps track of all transactions made using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. These recorded transactions are then used to determine cryptocurrency . . prices .

All transactions are recorded in blocks, and once a block reaches its capacity, it then links to another block creating an ever-growing chain of transaction records known as the blockchain. The most important thing about this technology is that it is decentralized, which means there’s no centralized authority controlling the entire network which makes it public and more trustworthy than centralized systems like for example traditional banking systems.

You might be wondering, what does this all have to do with blogging? Well, blogging is just publishing content on the internet for the world to see. That’s how we define blogging nowadays.

But with blockchain technology, we can redefine what blogging means. If we remove a few key aspects like likes or followers, then what you have left behind is content created by people who want to share something with the world without needing to worry about how many views they get or how much money they will make from their content. This kind of freedom allows bloggers to focus more on creating good content rather than focusing on whether or not their blog post will go viral tomorrow.

Blockchain is Secure and Transparent

Blockchain is a shared digital ledger that keeps track of all digital currency transactions. It’s decentralized and distributed, which means that, unlike a traditional ledger, it doesn’t reside in one place.

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Blockchain is more than just a way to track one type of transaction. It’s an entire system for how any kind of transaction can be tracked and verified through the power of crowdsourcing. This is why blockchain technology has so much potential outside of its initial use in cryptocurrency exchanges which ascertains cryptocurrency values ​​and keeps up the cryptocurrency markets.

This technology eliminates the need for middlemen by directly connecting people who want to perform a transaction with each other in real-time while also keeping an immutable record. It’s inherently secure because no single computer can control or alter it without going through hundreds or thousands of other computers first, which would be extremely unlikely given how big these networks are and how many other people are participating in them at any given time. 

Blockchain also provides transparency into what happens during transactions – anyone who wants access can see exactly when something happened and what exactly was done with their data before it reaches its final destination which gives them peace of mind knowing that their personal information isn’t being misused ..

What This Means for Bloggers

These considerations have several ramifications for blogging on crypto-social media; first, content creators’ identities and data will remain completely secure. This is important for journalists who write about sensitive topics. Instead of swift persecution by national governments, using crypto social media, bitcasino youtube journalists could write the news in peace, bringing information about the seediest dealings to the entire world while keeping their identity secret.

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Further, several people experiencing the same event could, in theory, pool their experiences in the same place without fear of losing parts of their transmissions over faulty servers and cables. This ensures that no facet of human experience, once recorded on the blockchain, would ever be lost. 

Additionally, the labor-intensive tasks of fact-checking content and verifying sources will be made far easier with crypto-social media because every piece of information uploaded to it will have been painstakingly recorded by the blockchain’s code. Any edits would also be recorded so that people couldn’t get away with changing information presented previously.

Cryptocurrencies Lower the Barrier to Entering Global Markets.

In today’s world, if you want to send money abroad, you have to deal with long delays and high transaction fees. Even transferring money between two bank accounts within the same country can take up to five business days.

But blockchain cryptocurrency technology makes it possible for users to send payments in any amount, at any time, and from anywhere in the world. This is because no physical currencies need to be moved or processed. The transactions are all digital and are recorded on a virtual ledger called a blockchain.

What This Means for Bloggers

Any revenue from posting content on social media will give its creators a liquid income. It will be easier for people to access their money and use it to buy goods and services.

But then, most social media sites out there don’t reward their users monetarily , which means that if you post content on these sites, you don’t make any money. Crypto social media is different because it rewards people who create content for remuneration in cryptocurrency tokens, which can then be exchanged for traditional currency or saved up to buy digital assets in the future. 

Further, with blockchain’s established inroads to global markets, the audience you can reach on crypto-social media will be quite large and you could even find patrons for your work who live miles away to supplement the money earned from simply blogging.

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In addition to receiving a reward for creating content, crypto social media also rewards people who engage with others’ content by commenting or liking posts. The more engagement the content gets, the higher its monetary value will be. These small but frequent payments can add up to a nice income over time. And, while using crypto-based social media, you’ll never have to worry about international exchange rates because you’ll only ever be converting cryptocurrency into fiat.


The world of crypto social media is still developing. Unlike the blockchain, which has had a history spanning over a decade, crypto social media is relatively new. It still needs to find its feet. Further, unlike Facebook or Twitter, which already have massive audiences, crypto social media sites are still struggling to find their audiences, let alone mass appeal. 

At the moment, crypto social media is utilized by those who are already invested in the world of blockchain. These are enthusiastic about what blockchain technology can do and are exploring its possibilities through gaming, financial tools, and social media. Those who are skeptical about the blockchain are obviously not yet on boards.

But we ought to keep in mind that Mark Zuckerberg, ostensibly the biggest name in social media history today, is envisioning a Metaverse. This is a man who has been invested in the social media game for decades now, and he seems quite taken by the call of crypto-based social media. If one were receptive, one might begin to take the hint.

There are, of course, flaws to the landscape envisioned by crypto social media because, at the outset, people who already have large followings on traditional social media will be the first to profit from crypto-social media. 

This is because they will already have a big enough following to migrate to a new platform and exploit their audience for likes. Regardless, crypto-social media promises a world where good content will be the watchword, and if you’re willing to give it a shot, the rewards are ripe for harvest.

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