9 Must-Do Activities in Toronto This Summer

9 Must-Do Activities in Toronto This Summer

Toronto, the main metropolitan city in the country of Canada, with the Canadian province of Ontario, may be known for its gripping cold winter weather, but it warms right up when it comes alive for the summer season.

When you experience the summer in Toronto, temperatures can range anywhere between 20°C to 35°C (68°F to 95°F), with most days being around 30 °C and occasional heatwaves when temperatures can touch 40°C (104°F) that can be extremely humid. 

Make sure that wherever you decide to stay for the summer in Toronto will have access to air conditioning. 

With no shortage of fun to be had and shared, make sure that you get these 11 must-do activities in Toronto onto your list this summer so that you can have a thrilling time, whether you are a local resident or just passing through with 48 hours to spare. 

Toronto Islands 

Visit the Toronto Islands as a cool nearby getaway from the summer heat by riding the 13-minute ferry from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal at Bay St. and Queens Caye or with a ‘Tiki Taxi” from Queens Quay and Spadina. 

Feel like you have just gone on a second vacation in Toronto without even boarding a plane to the sound of Caribbean-inspired music. Get around the Toronto Islands from bike share stations in Toronto and bring them with you when you board the ferry. 

Toronto Blue Jays 

Catch a Major League Baseball game and watch the Toronto Blue Jays play with relatively inexpensive tickets (at least compared to other professional sporting events). 

What is a better way to spend an afternoon where you can relax with an ice-cold beverage in hand from the concession stands or bring your own grub from home?

Seeing the Blue Jays is just a three-minute walk from the CN Tower in downtown Toronto at the Rogers Centre located at 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J1.

Toronto Caribbean Carnival 

Come enjoy the biggest annual Caribbean festival in North America, inspired by Carnival in the West Indian island Trinidad & Tobago. Starting in late July and going into early August, the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, still locally referred to as Caribana, offers a celebration of Caribbean culture, music, cuisine, and a massive parade from Exhibition Place to Lakeshore Boulevard, scheduled for the weekend of July 29, 2022. 

Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum

Art Gallery Ontario (AGO) is an absolutely gorgeous art gallery that has exhilarating exhibits by world-famous artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, to name a few. 

If your age is under 25, you can visit the AGO in Toronto this summer for free. Even if you are over age 25, get yourself some free time as well on Wednesdays from 6–9 pm.

Royal Ontario Museum. Not only does the ROM have endless historical exhibits for the whole family to explore and learn from, but the Royal Ontario Museum even hosts dance parties every Friday for adults to enjoy during the summer. 

Toronto Jazz Festival 

Get ready for a splendid ten days of Jazz all across the city of Toronto. Scheduled for June 24-July 3rd in 2022 and see the likes of Smokey Robinson and Gregory Porter hit the stage, 

Fan Expo 

When you are having the time of your life reliving your favorite movie, television show, and comic book characters at Fan Expo, it is important to already have secured luggage storage in Toronto so that you aren’t meeting actors from your favorite entertainment experiences while having to drag a suitcase. 

Whether you want to go all the way nerd and dress up as your favorite superhero or would rather make a much more casual impression and come in your own wardrobe, ready to get some autographs to add to your collection, you can attend Fan Expo, a mini version of Comic-Con, this summer at the Metro Toronto Convention Center between August 25-28, 2022.  

Kensington Market 

If you are hungry for something more than your own regular recipes and fast food drive-thrus, take the Kensington Market – Toronto’s Neighborhood International Food Tour in one of the most diverse food scenes that Toronto has to offer.

Instead of having to feel overwhelmed by exploring Kensington Market on your own, join a guide and enjoy the best eateries while avoiding having to stand in the extra lone line ups to taste at least six international cuisines, whether it is cuisine from Jamaica or Tibet, with vegetarian options as well. 

Toronto Craft Beer Festival  

There is a serious craft beer scene in Toronto, and it is worth celebrating by showing up to the Toronto Craft Beer Festival. The 2022 edition is scheduled to take place between June 24th-26th. 

Canada’s Wonderland  

Just on the outskirts of the city of Toronto but still within the Greater Toronto Area, you can get give yourself an awesome adrenaline rush no matter what age you are at Canada’s Wonderland, featuring water slides and some of the biggest roller coasters that exist in Canada.